Myrra Power Supplies

MPS is a product segment from Myrra focused on Power Supply.

Our products offers a wide range of power rating adaptable to a large choice of electronic devices.

Sample of our standard range are available within 48h.

Fully EMC Compliant

Without any external components

Tailor-made design solutions

Available with rapide prototyping

Very cost effective

less cost ownership than design

Global certifications


Our Product Range






  1W – 60W Encapsulated PCB Range

Standard or customised






  1W – 500W Tailored Solutions

Open frame or Enclosed

About us

Myrra design and manufacture high-quality transformers and inductors for industrial use.

The majority of our products are customised, including Lamination 50Hz transformers and chokes and High-frequency transformers and chokes.

We also offer a range of standard PCB products including Power Supplies, Inductors and Transformers, and we offer a design on request service for all our standard products.

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