Modified & custom solutions

Technical Services

  • Alternative DC Output Voltages
  • Single, Dual or Triple Output Voltages
  • Addition of Signal Pins for AC OK, Remote on/off, sense etc.
  • Alternative Power Rating
  • Revised ‘Hold-up’ timing to suit System needs
  • Customer specific product ‘Branding/Labelling’
  • Specific Power Supply Manufacturing Functional Test Profile
  • Integrating the Power Supply on the System PCB
  • Alternative Power Supply Housing
  • Revised DC Output Filtering

Customer Services

  • Existing Designs for Modified Standards
  • Flexible Manufacturing Batch Sizes
  • European Stock-holding locations
  • European Engineering and Logistics Support
  • Country Specific Distribution Partners
  • Manufacturing dynamics for Volume Fluctuations
  • Myrra Quality Controlled Design and Manufacturing
  • Fast Sample Service

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